welcome Welcome all new members to Dreamland! I started this TCG to show my love for Disney Parks. I, myself, am an annual passholder for Disneyland and although I’ve moved up to Northern California, I still go whenever I can. Disneyland will always be home for me. What made you join Dreamland? If you answer, you can take a special card of choice and comment with what you take.

This TCG is run a little differently and the only thing I’m using MyTCG for is to display cards. Other than that, level ups and masters are all done manually and can be claimed over at the forums! If you have any questions, do let me know!

There are no new decks for this update because I’m hoping some members will donate images! *hint hint* BUT if not, I will search for images and make more decks for next weeks update. I haven’t decided on an update day BUT I will figure that out and update on that day next week. I decided not to close prejoin just yet in hopes that more members will donate.

New Members Holly, Nessa, Chii, Danielle, Meg, Jun, Rachel, Betty, Fleur, Heather, angelrose, Angel … welcome!

Snow White Grotto Rachel wished for everyone to take cards that spell out D-R-E-A-M-S because Disney Parks are where dreams come true (1 card per deck)

Game Updates Group A… Don’t forget to submit a member card request. You can do that and also view current member cards here!


  1. says

    I plan on donating more images soon. :) I joined because I love everything Disney. I’ve never been to any of the parks yet but just from pictures everything looks so happy and magical.

    – Snow White Grotto: dl-jeditrainingacademy08, mk-underthesea04, evilqueen06, dl-aliceinwonderland06, mickeymouse04, snowwhite05
    – Update Question: 1 special card of choice (mk-onceuponachristmas13)

    Thank you, Christina! ^_^

  2. says

    I joined Dreamland because some of the happiest moments of my life happened in Disney World and I’ve been a Disney fan since I was a really little girl. I wish I lived closer because I’d be so happy to be an annual passholder!

    I would love to try and come up with some images for you!

    And yay! Thank you so much for granting my wish! ^_^

    Response choice-mk-underthesea07

    Thank you so much for everything!!

  3. Jun says

    DREAMS: donalddaisy14, dl-frontierland15, dl-villagehaus01, dl-aliceinwonderland08, dl-fantasmic01, mk-speedway14

    Ill try to get some donations in ;;

  4. says

    I joined because I love the Disney parks that I’ve been to. I usually hate crows, waiting in long lines, and rides (so theme parks) but I never feel that way there. The atmosphere is different! ^.^

    DREAMS – mk-underthesea01, tinkerbell01, mk-minniescountryhouse05, rapunzel10, dl-itsasmallworld08, dl-junglecruise02

  5. Betty says

    dl-jeditrainingacademy01, dl-frontierland01, dl-villagehaus01, hk-mysticmanor01, paris-mission201, mk-minniescountryhouse01

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