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blog-4So Dreamland is officially open! I’ve made some changes to the site and changed the member setup. All your information should be correct but if not, just let me know and I will fix it. If you spot any other errors, let me know as well. I haven’t had a chance to check every page.

I also changed the layout because I tried to add some plugins and the other layout was not responsive to it so I changed it to this one. I hope you like it! I wanted to use the same header but I will be changing that at some point too. Who/what would you want featured on the next layout? If you answer, you can take a choice special card. Comment with what you take.

Look out for the fall seasonal games to update in the next update!

New Members vermillion … welcome!

Masters Danielle (cinderella, alice), Fleur (mk-minniescountryhouse, dl-mickeystoontown, evilqueen, mk-gastonstavern) … congrats!

Level Ups Jun (1>2) … congrats!

Snow White Grotto Fleur & Cami both wished for choice cards spelling out SCHOOL (one card per deck)

Game Updates Group C… Don’t forget to submit a member card request. You can do that and also view current member cards here!

New Decks You may take a total of 8 cards. If you donated the deck, you can take an extra from that set.


  1. says

    For the next layout I’d like something to do with fall/pumpkins, etc. :D The trees where I live are starting to change & the reds, oranges, browns, and yellows are so beautiful. I can’t wait for the new seasonal games too!

    – New Decks: dl-scaryadventures02, dl-scaryadventures10, dl-scaryadventures13 (donated), jasmine04, jasmine07, jasmine12 (donated), minniemouse05, minniemouse09, minniemouse13 (donated), ca-pixarplayparade01, ca-pixarplayparade11, paris-disneydreams15 (donated)
    – Update Question: 1 special card of choice (sp-mk-onceuponachristmas03)
    – Snow White Grotto: dl-itsasmallworld11, cinderella06, mk-minniescountryhouse04, dl-frontierland03, ca-worldofcolor14, tinkerbell05

  2. says

    New Decks: minniemouse07, minniemouse15, disneysea-ragingspirits04, disneysea-ragingspirits13, dl-scaryadventures09, jasmine02, ca-pixarplayparade12, paris-disneydreams10
    Snow White’s Grotto: ca-radiatorSprings02, dl-jungleCruise14, Hs-towerofterror15, snOwwhite10, epcOt-soarin09, eviLqueen06


  3. says

    New Decks: paris-disneydreams08, paris-disneydreams13, jasmine08, jasmine13, minniemouse08, minniemouse13, dl-scaryadventures08, dl-scaryadventures13,

    SCHOOL: beast01, cinderella10, snowwhite02, paris-curiouslabyrinth02, hs-towerofterror01, rapunzel02

    I would love to see a Disney theme park decorated for Halloween/fall for the next layout image! Taking mickeyminnie02

    Thank you!

  4. says

    I think the villains would be a cool layout, since it’s kind of Halloween-fallish!! (taking sp-mickeyminnie10)

    New Decks: dl-scaryadventures12, dl-scaryadventures14, jasmine05, jasmine15, ca-pixarplayparade15, ca-pixarplayparade10, minniemouse01, minniemouse02, ca-pixarplayparade05 (for donating)

  5. says

    (I didn’t mean to click enter before adding in my snow white grottos wish. >.<)

    Snow White’s Grotto (SCHOOL): jasmine14, paris-curiouslabyrinth06, mk-minniescountryhouse02, disneysea-caravancarousel15, ca-worldofcolor04, rapunzel13

  6. Betty says

    disneysea-ragingspirits01, disneysea-ragingspirits02, dl-scaryadventures01, dl-scaryadventures02, minniemouse01, 2, paris-disneydreams01, paris-disneydreams02

    I have to agree with what was said above. Since Halloween is coming up, I think something with the Disney villains would be pretty cool. Or just a Disney Halloween theme for the layout.

  7. says

    I like the layout’s current look actually! It feels like it has a lot more cool things! I always love Minnie Mouse, however, since fall is coming up, how about Chip and Dale? Taking dl-villagehaus05

    Update: disneysea-ragingspirits03, disneysea-ragingspirits07, disneysea-ragingspirits01, dl-scaryadventures01, dl-scaryadventures06, minniemouse02, minniemouse07, jasmine12, jasmine11,
    school: mk-minniescountryhouse09, dl-villagehaus12, disneysea-caravancarousel05, hk-mysticmanor01, dl-frontierland02, dl-fantasmic02

  8. says

    – Snow White Grotto (SCHOOL): dl-fantasmic02, cinderella01, mk-underthesea05, disneysea-caravancarousel04, snowwhite02, rapunzel05
    – New Decks: disneysea-ragingspirits01, disneysea-ragingspirits07, dl-scaryadventures08, dl-scaryadventures10, jasmine05, jasmine14, paris-disneydreams01, paris-disneydreams14

    The Disney villains might be cool? The typical Disney heroes and heroines just doesn’t scream Fall to me because of Halloween. (Taking donalddaisy02)

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