blog-4I am looking for some staff to help maintain Dreamland. What I am looking for is 2 to 3 forum helpers. I’m looking for someone to post level up rewards and another person to post master rewards. Once you post the rewards, you send me a list of all level ups/masters for the week and I update them in the databases! The last forum helper would post games. I wouldn’t mind having 2 or 3 people doing this but if someone feels they can do both level ups/master rewards, that would be fine too! All staff members would be rewarded. If you are interested in helping, send me an email to tcg@satellite-heart.com

I released 2 fall games. The rest will be added through out the season!

Masters Heather (mk-underthesea, tinkerbell), Fleur (dl-jeditrainingacademy, snowwhite), Danielle (mickeymouse), Jun (mk-speedway, dl-villagehaus) … congrats!

Level Ups Heather (1>2), Fleur (2>3) … congrats!

Snow White Grotto Betty wished for the mk-piratesofthecaribbean deck to be released. Nessa wished to take cards spelling out AUTUMN (one card per deck)

Game Updates Group B… Don’t forget to submit a member card request. You can do that and also view current member cards here!

New Decks You may take a total of 5 cards… only 2 cards per deck! If you donated the deck, you can take an extra from that set.


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    – New Decks: dl-pixiehollow06, dl-pixiehollow15, mulan14, mk-piratesofthecaribbean01, mk-piratesofthecaribbean11
    – Snow White Grotto: dl-scaryadventures06, minniemouse06, dl-itsasmallworld01, dl-junglecruise05, jasmine01, dl-frontierland02


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    New cards: mk-piratesofthecaribbean11, mk-piratesofthecaribbean08 (+mk-piratesofthecaribbean15 for donating), mulan11, mulan13 (+mulan01 for donating), dl-pixiehollow09

    A – dl-aliceinwonderland12
    U – mk-underthesea08
    T – hs-towerofterror06
    U – rapunzel05
    M – mickeymouse15
    N – dl-fantasmic07

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    New Decks: mulan02, mulan06, dl-pixiehollow01, dl-pixiehollow14, mk-piratesofthecaribbean05
    Snow White Grotto: dl-frontierlAnd06, dl-jUnglecruise08, hs-Towerofterror04, dl-villagehaUs03, Minniemouse03, sNowwhite02


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    I hope your able to get all the staff you need!

    AUTUMN: disneysea-caravancarousel09, minniemouse01, hk-mysticmanor05, mk-minniescountryhouse04, dl-fantasmic06, dl-frontierland06

    Update: dl-pixiehollow13, dl-pixiehollow07, mulan09, mk-piratesofthecaribbean13, mk-piratesofthecaribbean10

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    AUTUMN: cinderella15, mickeymouse01, beast04, minniemouse01, mk-gastonstavern01, paris-disneydreams02

    New Decks: mulan08, mulan13, dl-pixiehollow08, dl-pixiehollow13, mk-piratesofthecaribbean08

    Thank you!

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    AUTUMN: ca-pixarplayparade04, rapunzel15, beast05, dl-scaryadventures15, jasmine08, dl-aliceinwonderland02

    New Decks: dl-pixiehollow02, dl-pixiehollow04, dl-pixiehollow06 (for donating), mulan01, mulan03, mk-piratesofthecaribbean13


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