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Hi everyone! I will be updating later tonight or tomorrow with a proper update but I wanted to get your opinion on something first. I was wondering how you would all feel if I switched from WordPress to MyTCG? The reason being is that I realized it is much easier to update a TCG with MyTCG than it is with WordPress AND with MyTCG the site would load faster. I’m using a ton of plugins and it would make things load faster and be better for you! So let me know what you think. For answering you can take 3 choice cards (from different decks!)



  1. Heather says

    I like the unique way that WordPress works, however, if it is easier to use and would make the pages load faster (I thought it was just my computer) that would be nice.

    cinderella11, dl-frontierland & rapunzel05

  2. says

    I prefer MyTCG overall and especially because it will load faster, but I really like with WordPress that I can be notified of new posts by email.

    taking dl-villagehaus08, epcot-soarin03, hs-towerofterror07

  3. says

    I really prefer MyTCG too to be honest, especially if it would run faster. And even more so if it would be easier on you, too, because I think it’s important for you to work with something that’s as hassle free as possible.

    (Taking hs-towerofterror07, mulan02, and mk-piratesofthecaribbean13. Thank you!!)

  4. says

    I think MyTCG is my preference because WP seems to be rather slow, and also don’t really like the member list/profiles on WP.

    Taking: dl-aliceinwonderland05, jasmine04, beast01

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